30 Breakfast Ideas for a 1-year-old

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Our post, 30 Meal Ideas for 1-Year-Olds, has been so incredibly popular that I asked our contributor, Kaley, to follow it up with a breakfast version.

What I love most about this is that we have breakfast for dinner on the regular around here– which means that now we have 60 great kid-friendly meal ideas!

Here she is with her list (and if anyone knows healthy kid food, it’s Kaley, so it’s a great list).

We have two go-to breakfasts in my house. And they are both super simple formulas that can be endlessly customized.

The first is eggs + fruit + bread. One day it might be scrambled eggs, toast, and cut up strawberries. The next it is hard boiled eggs, sliced apple and an English muffin.

And then we will get really wild and crazy and combine the egg and bread and do an egg in the hole (my kids’ favorite!) with blueberries and kiwi.

The second easy customizable breakfast we do is oatmeal + fruit. I especially like this one because it works for babies as young as 6 months, meaning one breakfast for everyone in the family. Score!

You can make the oatmeal (read about making oatmeal for babies here) with whole milk, coconut milk, almond milk, or whatever type of milk your family drinks. Then add whatever combination of fruit you want, and you are done.

As customizable as our two go-to breakfasts are, sometimes it is nice to switch it up a little. So below you will find my top 30 breakfast ideas for a one-year-old.

30 Breakfast Ideas for a One-Year-Old

  1. Healthy Oatmeal Mini Muffins
  2. Cottage Cheese Pancakes
  3. Raspberry and Coconut Breakfast Balls
  4. Breakfast Banana Pops
  5. Apple and Potato Pancakes
  6. Green Toddler Smoothie
  7. Pear Oatmeal Bars
  8. Mini Frittatas
  9. Nutrient-Packed Pancakes
  10. Honey Banana Oat Smoothie
  11. Chicken Apple Sausage
  12. Banana Toast
  13. Sweet Potato Waffles
  14. Healthy Breakfast Toddler Casserole
  15. Banana Blueberry Fritters
  16. Strawberry French Toast Roll Ups
  17. Spinach Pancakes
  18. Grain Free Zucchini And Carrot Muffins
  19. Blueberry Pie Smoothie
  20. Spaghetti Squash Hash Browns
  21. Banana Sushi
  22. Pumpkin Pancakes with Warm Apple Compote
  23. Avocado Blueberry Baby Smoothie
  24. Zucchini Parmesan Waffles
  25. Tomato and Basil Baby Omelette
  26. Sweet Spinach Muffins
  27. Rainbow Peppers + Feta Quiche
  28. Blueberry Avocado Pancakes
  29. Cheese and Broccoli Eggy Fingers
  30. Sweet Potato Egg Nests

You can add chopped up fruits/veggies and whatever milk your toddler drinks to any of these breakfast ideas to make them a complete, healthy meal.


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