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The Mom Conference

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I don’t know if you remember, but a year ago, I was getting ready to go up to Ottawa, Canada to speak about how to be a mom and not totally lose your shit at The Mom Conference. It was an amazing weekend! Although I was there as a speaker, I also learned so much […]

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Turkey Burger Quesadillas — My Family F***ing Loved These

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I tried another Skinnytaste recipe. Sort of. I adapted the Skinny Buffalo Burger Quesadilla from And my family fucking loved it. Big time. So on, the photo of the burger looks like this: And she makes her burger quesadillas with buffalo meat and whole wheat tortillas. She also gets small tortillas and trims them to […]

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Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life: Cheerful DIY Storage Jars

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If you’re a regular here, you know we’re all about getting kids involved in contributing around the house early.

Sometimes that means setting up regular family and money jobs, and sometimes it just means taking a little time for a bright and cheerful DIY organization project.

Here’s Kristen with the details…

Things look better when they are organized. And I think we function better when things look better.

Case in point:  The Junk Drawer.

We all have one and if you’ve ever organized it and had that happy sigh, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I’ve put together a little DIY for you that will give you the happy sigh AND that the kids can help with or even do all on their own if they’re old enough. All you need is some old jars, spray paint and a glue gun.

Once the jars are all prettied up, you can use them for storage in any area of the house. Things will look organized, be easy to find and you will have done your part in recycling. Happy sigh.


  • any type of old jar
  • pot for boiling water
  • an object to scrape off the stickers
  • spray paint
  • some kind of decorative bead
  • glue gun


You might get lucky and have old jars that don’t have stickers, but if you don’t, start with a pot of boiling water.  Put the jars in for 10 minutes, then you a flat object (I have a little dish scraper) to scrape off the softened stickers.

You can use a little bit of oil on a cotton ball to remove any sticky residue.

Spray the top of the jars with your choice of spray paint and thoroughly dry.

Glue a decorative bead to the top of each jar.  Organize like a boss!


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13 Kitchen Science Projects to Blow Your Kids’ Minds

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With the record-breaking rainfall on the west coast and the severe winter storms on the east coast, I think it is fair to say we could all use a few good indoor activities to keep the kids engaged about now.

I usually turn to arts and crafts, but lately I have been trying to introduce a little more science to my little ones.

Since I don’t want to leave the house when the weather is so terrible, I definitely don’t want to be running all over town looking for specific materials for our experiments. So I have rounded up 13 kitchen science projects that use materials we are all sure to have in our cupboards already.

All of these experiments are simple to do and perfect for introducing preschoolers to important scientific concepts.

And they are just plain fun for everyone!

13 Kitchen Science Projects Your Preschooler will Love

  1. Dr. Seuss’ Oobleck – Introduce the concepts of solid vs liquid with goopy Oobleck.
  2. Dish Soap Silly Putty – Make this childhood favorite from a simple combination of dish soap and cornstarch.
  3. Dancing Raisins – Watch raisins “dance” when added to a glass of sparkling water.
  4. Dirty Pennies – A quick soak in vinegar and salt will turn old pennies shiny and new.
  5. Oil & Water Science – Explore the concept of density with a classic oil-and-water experiment.
  6. Bubbles That Don’t Pop – Add corn syrup to dish soap and water for unbreakable bubbles.
  7. Frozen Color Mixing – Primary colored ice cubes and a divided tray make color mixing easy and fun.
  8. Sugar Science – See what happens when sugar cubes are exposed to water.
  9. Water Xylophone – Repurpose those baby food jars to make a colorful water xylophone.
  10. What Dissolves in Water – Hypothesize about which pantry staples will dissolve in water.
  11. Growing Plants from Food Scraps – Experiment with different food scraps to see what will grow.
  12. Fizzing Colors – Baking soda, vinegar and food colors make for some fizzy, colorful fun.
  13. Learn How Plants Absorb Water – Watch how plants absorb water with cabbage leaves and food colors.

Happy experimenting!


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